Nail Making Machine
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 Ad Posted: Thursday, November 7, 2019
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As Nail Making Machine manufacturers, we have Iron Nail Making Machine, the device has the characteristics of small size, flexible and convenient movement, low noise, low power consumption and easy installation. Unique wire feeding and retreating combination, each nail through the wire feeding, cutting, wire retreating, three mechanical action, the nail will be completely separated from the nail shank to ensure quality, this is the High Speed Nail Making Machine. The features of the Nail Making Machine price are the speed can reach 800 pcs/min, this machine can save a lot of labor and production cost, all main parts are with high-quality steel and imported bearing.

The main characteristics of the Automatic Nail Making Machine are as following: Shorter stroke (12mm), traditional machine around 100mm,stable performance, defective rate less than 1/100000,lower mechanical wear,gripping dies and punches are more durable.
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